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Monday, April 4, 2016

A Preseason Review

After the first month of play, the Hornets hold a 7-12 record. With lots of games to go, we checked in with the players to get their view on the first weekends out.

Nicole Gazzola has been off to a hot start this season batting .442 and stealing 17 bases. Gazzola also made school history at the Blue Hen Blast tournament by breaking the all time hits record previously held by Catrina Ansbach. Her 225th hit came on a bunt single in the final game of the weekend against the University of Delaware. When asked what breaking the record meant to her, she responded, "I think it's kind of cool. It was unexpected. It's an honor to break a 9 year old record."

After being asking how she felt when she found out that she broke the record, she said, "I didn't realize it until after the game. During the game I was more concerned about getting base runners on and scoring runs. After the game I was really excited and happy that I got to enjoy that moment with my teammates and family."

Sophomore Vanessa Washington had a standout freshman year winning her the MEAC Rookie of the Year Award. Coming into this year, we asked her "What is the biggest difference between your freshman year and this year?" Washington replied saying," The biggest difference is that I feel more confident and know a lot more of what's going on. I also feel the need to go all out for our seniors and do whatever it takes so they can have the most memorable season ever. I feel more confident in my abilities knowing how hard we all have worked this season.

Freshman Outfielder Sabrina Quarles has made the most of her time on the team so far, when asked about her experience, this is what she had to say.

What has been your favorite part of the season so far?

"My favorite part of the season has been being able to impact my team in a positive way both on offense and defense."

How does playing in college compare to playing in high school and travel ball?

"College softball demands much more of your time and willingness to be the best. The game does not know who the better team is. The team that puts their heart and will into every pitch will win."

We also checked in with Freshman Pitcher Alexis Goldsby to see what her experiences were so far this season.

What has the first month of the season been like for you?

"The first month of the season has been an eye opener with trying to manage my studies and being on top of my game to be the best I can be."

How did it feel stepping out on the field for the first time?

"It felt really good to step out on the field knowing that I can contribute to my team."

Going into MEAC play, we spent some time with the seniors Kili Matthews and Nicole Gazzola gathering their thoughts about going into MEAC's for the last time.

When asked what made this group of seniors special, together they said,"We are the last ones from a freshman group of 12 (The Surviving 6) we stuck through adversity and a coaching change. We have had each other through it all."

They continued to talk about their goal for this year. "We want to unite the team to accomplish one goal; WIN MEAC's. We want to leave a legacy for future Hornets".

Going into MEAC play for the last time is bittersweet. MEAC play is an unique experience that not everyone gets to experience.

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