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Friday, September 30, 2011

Scrimmage videos

These videos were taken a few weeks ago at the first scrimmage of the season.  The gray team provided great chants and footage... they are a spirited bunch led by Jordan Reid.

It's so convenient how nicely Bria Green's name fits into Andrea Waters' spot from previous seasons

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tryout dates set

Interested parties must attend informational meeting

DOVER, Del. – Delaware State University softball head coach Jeff Savage has announced tryout date information for those interested in playing for the 2011-12 Hornets.

Coach Savage and his staff will hold an informational meeting for all students interested in playing softball collegiately at DSU on Tuesday, Oct.4 at 11:15 a.m. at the DSU Sports Annex.  Information about trying out, including a tryout approval form, will be distributed at that time.

Official tryouts will be held Thursday, Oct. 13 and Friday, Oct. 14 at the DSU Softball Complex/Hornets Nest.

The DSU Sports Annex is located at 255 College Road, west of campus.  The Annex is across the street from University Courtyard Apartments and Sunset Memorial Gardens, before the railroad tracks.

For more information, please contact Assistant Coach Janice Savage at


Monday, September 26, 2011

Alumni weekend set for Oct. 21-22

Events free for weekend

DOVER, Del. – Head coach Jeff Savage and his Delaware State University softball staff have announced plans for the annual fall softball alumni weekend, set this year for October 21-22.

On Friday, Oct. 21, the Hornets invite all softball alumni to take part in a workout with the team.  From 4 p.m. to 5 p.m., former players will have the opportunity to hit, throw and catch with the current team as they participate in drills and practice together. 

Following the team workout, a meet and greet will be held at 7:30 p.m. at Uno’s Pizzeria on Route 13 across from the DSU campus.  At 8:30 p.m., all softball alumni are invited to enjoy appetizers and happy hour drink specials as they share stories and relive their “Hornet Glory.”

It’ll be “old school” versus “new school” on Saturday, Oct. 22 as the Hornets and alumni mix it up at the Hornets’ Nest.  Registration for the game begins at 1 p.m. with first pitch slated for 2:30 p.m.

There is no charge for any of the events and all softball alumni are invited to join in on the fun, regardless of years of participation.

For additional information, please contact Coach Savage at 302-857-7740 or

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uhhh, you guys forgot the best coast... the MIDWEST!!!

Yesterday afternoon, the team held another scrimmage.  This time, the teams were divided up by hometowns -- or, which coast you're from.  Since the team is pretty much split down the middle with girls from all over the place, I thought this was a fun idea.
But, they forgot me, and the best state of them all.... WISCONSIN!!!  If only they were so cool...

I only caught the end of the game, but I think the west coast team won?  I know someone will correct me if I'm wrong, or someone from the east coast will try bribing me the other way.

First we decided to do squad photos, which started off nice.  Then the west team tried getting creative, so of course east coast had to copy them... and so then went on and on.  "Ohh, Maggie, take this pic... wait, Maggie, now we wanna do this!"

The beasts from the East?
Standing L-R:  Bria Green (Wheatley Heights, N.Y.), Kelsey Doherty (Harbeson, Del.), Sami Gross (Newark, Del.)
Middle L-R: Leslie Pleasanton (Smyrna, Del.), Skye Boris (Magnolia, Del.), Jordan Reid (Accokeek, Md.)
Front L-R: Chelsea Stern (Owings, Md.), Rachel Meagley (Spokane, Wash. - she was drafted to the east coast due to lack of players), Rebekah Beeson (Bear, Del.)

 Showing off their homemade shirts.

 Aw, that's a nice photo!

Pretty sure I heard Tawny Reeger call me the "best" since I allowed her to mess up this nice picture.  I'm gonna remember those words, Reegs!

 Post-game huddle with Coach Savage

The best coast = the west coast?
 L-R:  Stephanie Martello (Oxnard, Calif.), Ashley Davis (Seattle, Wash.), Tawny Reeger (Simi Valley, Calif.), Rachel Carroll (Oxnard, Calif.), Casey Beighley (Oxnard, Calif.), Stephanie Sarris (Rohnert Park, Calif.), Ashlyn Campbell (Trabuco Canyon, Calif.), Bre Parr (Camarillo, Calif.)

 Oh you guys are so creative.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


DSU SOFTBALL will host another scrimmage tomorrow with an east coast vs west coast theme! Lineups will be split based on where the players are from! Come check out our fun and the two coasts square off for a fun scrimmage!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Scrimmage announcement!!



DSU SOFTBALL had their first day of individuals on the dirt today! Felt good to be outside! Although we found out that some of our players fungo skills were not exactly up to par! Check out these videos and maybe we will do a vote to see who is the MEAC  fungo girl of the year!

Chelsea Stern who is a senior has perfected her fungo skills over the years!

Ashley Davis- although a sophomore, this can only get better!! :0)

Who needs a field crew? DSU SOFTBALL takes care of a lil water down the first base line in preparation for the scrimmage on Thursday!! Good work girls!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Everyone has passed their conditioning test today! Congrats to everyone for working so hard! One more hornet to get healthy and pass but we are confident it will happen soon! Congrats again ladies and wear that uniform with pride!!! Videos and more to come !! Excited for our scrimmage on thursday!!!


Every year the DSU Softball team announces their big sis lil sis pairs in an effort to create a family atmosphere. It also allows our young guys to have an older player with experience to help them get adjusted to college life and college athletics. Each pair meets at random times during the year to chat about school, softball, home or whatever is on their mind. They do fun activities like bowling, dinner, movies, halloween haunted houses, etc. Here is the video of this years pairs!!! CONGRATS HORNET FAMILY!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Leslie Pleasanton = Amish?

So the girls are gradually turning in their bio forms and one of the questions I have on there is : "Is there anything you think we should know that was left out or what should the media ask you about?"

Well, I'm looking through Leslie Pleasanton's bio and hers says "Ask why my coaches/teammates call me Amish."

Uhhh, I guess I'll have to look into this?

Thursday, September 8, 2011


DSU SOFTBALL had a great day today with everyone passing their conditioning tests! The rain only held up one test from being finished but everyone else passed with flying colors!!! Congrats to all those who passed today! Check out their comments below!!
Great job ladies on crushing your mile times!!

This crew passed the sprint test in the rain!! Congrats Tawny on Passing both in one day!! You can't hear her too well but we will get her to do a video later of what her quote said! Great job Tawny and other Hornets!!

These guys even work extra in their dorm rooms!!

Look for Chelsea Stern to make her run at MEAC PITCHER OF THE YEAR for the 2012 season!


Rain Rain Go AWAY~~

DSU SOFTBALL has had a hard working group so far!! Here are a few pics of them before workouts and after as well as supporting other teams!! Great job Ladies!! More pics to come of conditioning today!

The Battery after their first workout walking away saying 2012 MEAC CHAMPS!!!!
The Road Started today!!

DSU SOFTBALL Supports our other hornets!! Here is a group of our ladies out at the soccer game supporting their team in a tough loss!! Keep working hard ladies!! Game again this Friday and Equestrian meet Friday night as well!!

A little twitch and hold before workouts! DROM at it's finest!!! GO STATE!!

Check out our posts later as we have day two of our conditioning test starting at 11!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


It may just have been Labor Day, but these girls are working their a**es off and have their sights on playing in May and June!!

Conditioning on Labor Day... who said it's a holiday?!

The quality on this one isn't great, but you can still see how hard they're working

We'll have to figure out why the quality on this one isn't great either, but Coach Savage should be a professional commentator :-)

Pitchers and catchers start their workouts

Kelsey Lewis, Leslie Pleasanton, Bre Parr, Ashley Davis

Stephanie Sarris

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Stay tuned everyone! We have tons of videos and pictures coming from the last couple of days!!! Also tonight is the welcome back ONE HORNET NATION function in memorial hall!! Lots of fun video and Pics to come!!! Hopefully our girls can win some dodgeball!! Tell all your friends about our blog and send them to our facebook page


Friday, September 2, 2011

Standing Tall After the Fall

after a rough day yesterday for Bre Parr, she bounces back nicely to finish her mile time and pass the second part of her conditioning test!! Atta girl BP!! 
Group 2 for the mile starts at 3:30! Stay tuned for more fun times from DSU Softball!

Sam Gross continues to work hard in true Delawarian and all!! Sammy-Sammy Gross!!

Chelsea "Cotton Mouth" Stern receives treatment before she finishes first in the mile in the 12:30 running group!! Great job Chelsea for passing both conditioning tests!!!

I cant feel my legs coach!

Day one of DSU SOFTBALL started off great with Kelsey Lewis crushing her mile time!! When asked to run a 7:30 mile, Lewis said no thanks, I will do way better than that and set the standard for the team! Here is a video of Kelsey after a cool down lap and her track star time!

Later on during the day, the Team competed for their 300 yard shuttles with 3 seniors, 1 sophomore and 1 freshman leading the way! Congrats ladies on passing your times.. After the shuttles, a deal was made for the girls to complete a mile in under 6:30.. BOY DID THEY DO THAT!!!
So today on day two the girls get to run their mile as a team in under 8 minutes!!!!

Senior Jordan Reid who passed her shuttle times ices up in her dorm room in preperation for the team mile today!! Jordan "Awkward Sally" Reid will lead the way for the hornets in the race for their uniforms!

Seniors Casey Beighley, Tawny Reeger and Junior Skye Boris take some relaxing time in the training room whirlpool. These 3 spend many days in here thinking of master plans of attack for the hornets on game day as well as for conditioning!! Keep thinking hard ladies!! :0)

This was made immediately after conditioning finished! It was definitely made with love and shows how they really feel :0)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

housecleaning and IRENE!!!

DSU Softball showed up in HORNET SOFTBALL fashion at the football field yesterday afternoon to share their windscreen expertise! Putting up the windscreen around the track was a small task compared to the fence cap and work done to the Hornets nest! Thanks to the help of the DSU SOFTBALL TEAM, Alumni stadium is in wind free condition! :0) Good job Hornets!! Stay tuned for video of the hornets and their first workouts today at 3:30 at the track!

"Thank you Hurricane Irene! We needed a brush up on our windscreen duties! At least it wasn't tarp duty!"
~ Stephanie Sarris

B.P #22 flexes off her strength with zip ties at the dsu football field while A.C. #18 and K.L. #23 work in the background!

What did you do during IRENE? Room 1204 that consists of 4 seniors had a coloring session :0) way to stay in the lines ladies!!! ~ Jordan Reid, Chelsea Stern, Tawny Reeger, Bre Parr