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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Uhhh, you guys forgot the best coast... the MIDWEST!!!

Yesterday afternoon, the team held another scrimmage.  This time, the teams were divided up by hometowns -- or, which coast you're from.  Since the team is pretty much split down the middle with girls from all over the place, I thought this was a fun idea.
But, they forgot me, and the best state of them all.... WISCONSIN!!!  If only they were so cool...

I only caught the end of the game, but I think the west coast team won?  I know someone will correct me if I'm wrong, or someone from the east coast will try bribing me the other way.

First we decided to do squad photos, which started off nice.  Then the west team tried getting creative, so of course east coast had to copy them... and so then went on and on.  "Ohh, Maggie, take this pic... wait, Maggie, now we wanna do this!"

The beasts from the East?
Standing L-R:  Bria Green (Wheatley Heights, N.Y.), Kelsey Doherty (Harbeson, Del.), Sami Gross (Newark, Del.)
Middle L-R: Leslie Pleasanton (Smyrna, Del.), Skye Boris (Magnolia, Del.), Jordan Reid (Accokeek, Md.)
Front L-R: Chelsea Stern (Owings, Md.), Rachel Meagley (Spokane, Wash. - she was drafted to the east coast due to lack of players), Rebekah Beeson (Bear, Del.)

 Showing off their homemade shirts.

 Aw, that's a nice photo!

Pretty sure I heard Tawny Reeger call me the "best" since I allowed her to mess up this nice picture.  I'm gonna remember those words, Reegs!

 Post-game huddle with Coach Savage

The best coast = the west coast?
 L-R:  Stephanie Martello (Oxnard, Calif.), Ashley Davis (Seattle, Wash.), Tawny Reeger (Simi Valley, Calif.), Rachel Carroll (Oxnard, Calif.), Casey Beighley (Oxnard, Calif.), Stephanie Sarris (Rohnert Park, Calif.), Ashlyn Campbell (Trabuco Canyon, Calif.), Bre Parr (Camarillo, Calif.)

 Oh you guys are so creative.

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