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Friday, September 2, 2011

I cant feel my legs coach!

Day one of DSU SOFTBALL started off great with Kelsey Lewis crushing her mile time!! When asked to run a 7:30 mile, Lewis said no thanks, I will do way better than that and set the standard for the team! Here is a video of Kelsey after a cool down lap and her track star time!

Later on during the day, the Team competed for their 300 yard shuttles with 3 seniors, 1 sophomore and 1 freshman leading the way! Congrats ladies on passing your times.. After the shuttles, a deal was made for the girls to complete a mile in under 6:30.. BOY DID THEY DO THAT!!!
So today on day two the girls get to run their mile as a team in under 8 minutes!!!!

Senior Jordan Reid who passed her shuttle times ices up in her dorm room in preperation for the team mile today!! Jordan "Awkward Sally" Reid will lead the way for the hornets in the race for their uniforms!

Seniors Casey Beighley, Tawny Reeger and Junior Skye Boris take some relaxing time in the training room whirlpool. These 3 spend many days in here thinking of master plans of attack for the hornets on game day as well as for conditioning!! Keep thinking hard ladies!! :0)

This was made immediately after conditioning finished! It was definitely made with love and shows how they really feel :0)

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