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Monday, April 3, 2017

Pre-Game Rituals

This week we asked some of the players what their pre-game rituals are. Read below to find out what some of our players had to say.

What are some of your pre-game rituals?

JR Vanessa Washington #23
"I have to visualize myself doing what I want to happen."

JR Jessica Shalongo #20
"On the way to the field I listen to the music I like. It helps me stay relaxed and not overthink. Once we get to the field I always have positive self talk throughout my warm up. Before going on the field I always get a piece of gum and reapply chapstick. On the field I take deep breathes before each pitch and walk to the back of the circle and look at my cleats and than my teammates to make sure they are ready."

SO Alexis Goldsby #2
"A pregame ritual that I have is after warm ups, I pray before I go out on the mound."

SO Sabrina Quarles #1
"During warm ups I prepare mentally. Giving myself certain situations before each swing off the tee and in the cage. I find a focal point on the field to keep me engaged throughout the game. Right after the national anthem, I always say a prayer. Praying for strength and health throughout the game for not only my team but our opponents. Then I thank God for having the opportunity to play this game."

FR Jasmine Melgoza #8
"I only have a few pregame rituals like listening to music which is most likely Rihanna. Also depending on my mood I either chew gum or eat seeds throughout the game. Lastly, I always have to stretch before each at bat."

FR Kaleigh Berry #5
"When I'm getting dressed I always put my right sock on first and when I get to the field I put my right cleat on before my left. I always have one of my teammates braid my hair for me and I always listen to at least 1 song to pump me up before we get to the field."

Assistant Coach Jessica Mattia 
"When I was a player, a lot of our pregame rituals were done as a team. When we jogged or threw, we had a cheer that we all did to just remember the tradition and pride we have in our school and program. We all played volleyball in the parking lot before every home game and we always parked in the same spots. My own pregame rituals were more of superstition. I had a sock that I wore every game on my right foot even if i had to wear it under the game sock for the day. It was from my first college win and I wore it every game. I also ate either bacon or pixie sticks before every game.

As a coach, I don't really have pregame rituals. I have a few in game rituals or superstitions. I make sure I high five the pitchers the same way every time." 

Athletic Trainer Casey Cooper
"I don't really have any, just to make sure I have my kit ready to go in case I need it and also make sure I have enough gum during baseball and enough seeds for softball." :)

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