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Monday, May 8, 2017

MEAC Tournament Preview

    The MEAC Tournament is quickly approaching and the countdown to our trip to Ormond Beach, FL begins. Your Lady Hornets finish second in the Northern Division of the MEAC. As the #2 seed, we will take on North Carolina A&T the #3 seed from the south. With all the excitement that is about to happen, we asked the players a few questions about the Tournament.

 Freshmen Jordan, Hannah, Kaleigh, Micaela, Desiree, and Jasmine will experience their first MEAC conference tournament. Thus we asked them a few questions and they shared their thoughts on the tournament.

What are you most looking forward to at the Tournament?

"I am very excited to have the opportunity to play at the conference tournament. I believe that it will be a great experience for me and allow me to grow. I think there will be a different type of energy and adrenaline running through our veins that will allow everyone to rise up to the occasion."- Jasmine

"Going into the conference Tournament the thing I'm looking forward to the most is experiencing the intensity of it all. I can't wait to feel the adrenaline rush that makes me feel like I don't ever want to stop playing. I have nothing but excitement going into my first MEAC Tournament and I can't wait to compete with my Hornet sisters."- Desiree

How do you think this will be different than the regular season?

"This will be different from the regular season because it is do or die. There is a lot more on the line in each game than there was in the regular season."- Micaela

"This is a now or never Tournament and I'm excited to be a part of the intense energy and atmosphere."-Hannah

"I think that this will be different from the regular season because we'll be facing teams that force us to play at our best and not slack off one bit. I think the intensity and energy will be a lot higher and the love of the game will be shown more."- Kaleigh

    Sophomores Alexis Goldsby and Sabrina Quarles gave their reflection on the impression they were left with after their first tournament and what their goals are for this year. 

What was your first impression of the MEAC Tournament?

"My first impression of the MEAC was definitely unexpected. The way they players competed and cheered was more energizing and scrappy than I had imagined. It was as if the team with the most energy is the team that came out on top at the end."-Sabrina

"My first impression was that the Tournament is very beatable and we could win."- Alexis

What is your goal for the Tournament?

"My goal for the Tournament is to play to the best of my ability every pitch and leave everything on the field. Of course I would love to take 1st, but more importantly I don't want to have any regrets. I want to end the tournament knowing that I stepped up and gave everything I had."- Sabrina

"I want to win the Tournament this year."-Alexis

    Juniors Vanessa, Khaliyah, Jessica, and Mika are going into their third Tournament with high expectations. They want to win for the senior class. We asked them what they are most looking forward to and what makes the tournament so different from the regular season.

What are you most looking forward to at MEACS?

"I'm looking forward to competing one last time with our seniors, taking down the competition, and spending time with the team."- Vanessa

"I'm looking forward to playing as the underdogs. We have the potential to upset so many teams and i think that is pretty cool."- Jess

What makes the Tournament so different than the regular season?

"MEAC's is so different because it is the last time to prove that we have what it takes to win."- Mika

"MEAC's is different because it's essentially to take each game one at a time and to play each game like it's our last."- Khaliyah

   For Seniors Tara and Dani, this is their last Tournament. We asked them what is their favorite part about the MEAC Tournament and how they felt about going into their last Tournament.

What is your favorite part about the MEAC Tournament?
"I love the intensity and competition. it is also fun to play the teams from the South that we have not seen all season."- Dani

"I love the competitive atmosphere of the MEAC Tournament"- Tara

How do you feel going into your last one?

 "I feel excited and determined to win a championship going into my last MEAC Tournament."- Dani

"I feel determined to bring back a MEAC Championship."- Tara

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