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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Favorite Place on Campus

Hello everyone, 
This week we asked some of the team what their favorite place on campus is and why.

My favorite place on campus is my dorm room. I love being there because I really enjoy spending time with my roommates. They're so much fun to hangout, and relax withHannah Shields, FR

My favorite place to be on campus is in our suite because I love hanging out and laughing with my roommates.  - Micaela Cummings, FR


My favorite place on campus is the Village Cafe because it's where I get to eat my meals and socialize with my friends. Sometimes they even have chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. ☺    - Danielle Velez, SR

My favorite place to be on campus is definitely the DSU athletic training facility. This is my favorite place to be because of the top of the line equipment. It is a place where I get to do what I enjoy with my teammates and athletic trainers supporting me each step of the way. 
- Sabrina Quarles, SO

After long days of classes, softball and work I often look forward to being in my room where I can relax. I do my best to complete my work during the day so I can avoid having to do any work at night in my room. 
- Jessica Shalongo, JR

  My favorite place to be on campus is the science center because I never got lost there.

- Mika Lumsden, JR 

My favorite place to be is the MLK building because of all the different events that are held so it's a great time to interact with peers. Also there is a game room.

- Alexis Goldsby, SO

My favorite place to be on campus is at the Conrad because I love to eat.

- Khaliyah Flournory, JR

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