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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

2016 MEAC Challenge Recap

Hornets wrapped up the fall season with the first annual MEAC Challenge, a 4 day test of strength, endurance, speed, competitiveness, and teamwork. The team was split into two teams, the upperclassmen vs the underclassmen with each team including one sophomore. The upperclassmen lead by Sophomore Alexis Goldsby named themselves Jackson's Angels, while the underclassmen lead by freshman Jordan Casey named themselves Hitfaced. The MEAC Challenge included different obstacles, task and challenges that required each team think strategically, formulate and implement action plans that would give their team the best chance for success.  They were also responsible for decided who would compete in each event. Here is the recap of each day:


On Monday we kicked off our week in the weight room with testing - power clean, front squat, bench press, vertical jump, and the 10 yard sprint. This day was all about the players individual improvement. It required each individual to fight for every inch to achieve a new personal best to win points for your team. Both teams did an excellent job, showing great improvement in their numbers from the beginning of the year. However, Hitfaced edged out Jackson's Angels by 75 points to take the early lead. The overall winners of the day was Desiree Moreno with an overall improvement of 111 pounds and Sabrina Quarles who added 3.9 inches to her vertical and dropped .35 seconds on her sprint. Congratulations!!

Day 1 Score:
Jackson's Angels:850
Hitfaced: 925


Tuesday began our team events. Each team nominated two players to represent their team in each event. With four competitors in each event, points were given out for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. The morning started on the football field with a slight rain doing a 100 yard prowler push and a 100 yard sled pull. The teams then moved inside to compete in a towel hold hang, plate holds, a battle rope challenge, and a v-up challenge. It began to seem like a run away for Hitfaced for the day, until Jackson's Angels picked up 150 points in team Dodgeball and pulled within 25 points.

Day 2 Score:
Jackson's Angels: 1700

Congratulations to the winners of the day:

Towel Hang: Sabrina
Plate Hold: Kaleigh
Battle Rope: Khaliyah
V-Ups: Tara
Prowler Push: Desiree
Sled Pull: Jasmine


Wednesday was all about teamwork in several different relay events. Each team had to work together to earn their points. In the first section of the morning, Hitfaced ran away with the first 600 points winning the Prowler push relay, the tire flip relay, and the sand bag relay. Jackson's Angels found a way to again come from behind again and sweep the sand pit tug of war event and steal the next 600 points to tie the day and still remain within 25 points of Hitfaced. This meant that the winner would be determined by day four, the obstacle course.

Day 3 Score:
Jackson's Angels: 2300


Everything would come down to today. The winner was determined by head to head competition: which ever team finished the obstacle course first. The race consisted of 11 different events. Two members of each team had to complete one obstacle before the next pair of team members could move on. The events consisted of the following:
100 yard suicide, partner tire flips, 50 push ups, sled pulls, bear crawls, 50 sit ups, sled push, 400 meter run, 50 squats, army crawl, and 100 yard dyno ball throws.
Each team gave it everything they had, but in the end Hitfaced came out on top and won the week.


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