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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Freshmen Facts: Desiree Moreno

#22 Desiree Moreno
  Carson, CA

Favorite Softball Memory? Winning State Championship against our cross town rivals.

     What Has Been Your Favorite Part of DSU So Far? Making new friends and experiencing a new  environment on the east coast.

Favorite Food? Shrimp

 Favorite Softball Player? Jen Schroeder

  Favorite Athlete? Yasiel Puig

 Favorite Movie? White Chicks

 What Is Your Dream Vacation? Costa Rica

          If You Had 3 Wishes, What Would They Be? Be Beyoncè, have an endless amount of money, be                                        healthy for the rest of my life

  What Is The Most Interesting Thing/Fun Fact About Your Roommate? Jasmine is Rihanna’s biggest fan.

 What Is Your Dream Career? Physical Therapist

What Is A Talent You Have? Braiding Hair

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